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You’re out on a glorious hiking adventure, surrounded by nature’s wonders. But hold on, something’s not right – your boots are causing discomfort! Fear not, fellow adventurer, because we’re about to take you on a journey into the mesmerizing world of boot lacing. Yes, you read that right – lacing! Forget everything you were taught in primary school; we have some clever tricks under our sleeves. We’ll show you how to lace your hiking boots, and we’ll show you how to do it in style, comfort, and with a dash of adventure. And keep in mind that while these strategies are revolutionary, they should always be a well-fitting pair of boots’ dependable partner. So let’s get started!

The Surgeon’s Knot

surgeon knot

Tame That Slippery Heel Ever felt like your heel had a mind of its own inside your boot? That’s where the Surgeon’s Knot comes in, the superhero of lacing techniques. Here’s your action plan:

  1. Tighten those laces, making sure your boot is giving your foot a warm hug.
  2. Spot the two lace hooks closest to where your foot bends forward.
  3. Tie a Surgeon’s Knot at each of these hooks by looping the laces around each other twice and giving them a tug. Keep the lace running straight up to the next hook for that superhero hold.
  4. Repeat the knot-tying process at the next pair of hooks.
  5. Finish the lacing the way you usually do, and voilà! Your heels are now under control.

Window Lacing

How to Lace Hiking Boots for Maximum Comfort and Confidence?

Top-of-Foot Bliss When your trusty boots decide to throw a party on the top of your foot, it’s time for some Window Lacing magic, also known as Box Lacing. Get ready to transform your hiking experience:

  1. Unlace your boot until you reach the hooks just below the pressure point.
  2. Start re-lacing by going straight up to the next hook, then crisscross those laces.
  3. Complete the lacing in your usual fashion. For added security, try the Surgeon’s Knot at both ends of your “window.”

Toe-Relief Lacing

toe relief - lace hiking boots

Say Goodbye to Toe Woes When your toes are staging a rebellion, this trick will provide instant relief and have you hiking like a champ in no time:

  1. Time to go radical – completely unlace your boot.
  2. Now, lace it up again, but this time, skip the first set of hooks. You’re opening up the toe box and giving those tootsies some breathing room.
  3. If your toes keep staging mutinies on your hikes, it might be time for new boots.

Boot Laces

Most hiking boots come with laces long enough to pull off these lacing tricks. If your laces have seen better days, don’t fret – just make sure to replace them with a matching pair, considering the shape and length for a seamless transition.


You’ve now embarked on a thrilling journey into the world of boot lacing, armed with three extraordinary techniques. Remember, lacing is like the secret ingredient that turns a good hike into a great one. But never forget, the real star of the show is your boots. So, lace up, hit the trails, and let your hiking adventure be a tale of comfort, style, and unforgettable memories!

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