Iowa, often characterized by its vast farmlands and rolling plains, might not be the first state that comes to mind for hiking enthusiasts. However, this Midwestern gem surprises with a variety of scenic trails that showcase the state’s diverse landscapes. From tranquil river valleys to rugged bluffs, Iowa offers hiking experiences that cater to all levels of adventurers. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 best hiking trails in the Hawkeye State, each unveiling the natural beauty and outdoor wonders that await avid hikers.

Best Hiking Trails in Iowa

Here is the list of 10 best hiking trails in Iowa described in the post:

  1. Fire Point Trail
    • Location: Effigy Mounds National Monument, Harpers Ferry, Iowa
  2. Trail System
    • Location: Maquoketa Caves State Park, Maquoketa, Iowa
  3. Paint Creek Unit Trails
    • Location: Yellow River State Forest, Harpers Ferry, Iowa
  4. Canyon Road Trail
    • Location: Ledges State Park, Madrid, Iowa
  5. Wabash Trace Nature Trail
    • Location: Council Bluffs, Iowa
  6. Backbone Trail
    • Location: Backbone State Park, Dundee, Iowa
  7. Steamboat Rock Trail
    • Location: Wildcat Den State Park, Muscatine, Iowa
  8. Bridal Veil Falls Trail
    • Location: Pikes Peak State Park, McGregor, Iowa
  9. Eagle Ridge Trail
    • Location: Yellow Banks Park, Pleasant Hill, Iowa
  10. Loess Ridge Trail
    • Location: Stone State Park, Sioux City, Iowa

Let’s explore them one by one.

  1. Effigy Mounds National Monument – Fire Point Trail
    • Location: Harpers Ferry, Iowa

best hiking trails in Iowa


Effigy Mounds National Monument is home to a unique collection of Native American burial mounds shaped like animals. The Fire Point Trail is a 2.4-mile loop that takes hikers through dense woodlands and up to a scenic overlook. From Fire Point, visitors can admire panoramic views of the Mississippi River and the surrounding bluffs.

  1. Maquoketa Caves State Park – Trail System
    • Location: Maquoketa, Iowa

Maquoketa Caves State Park - best hiking trails in Iowa

Maquoketa Caves State Park is a playground for cave enthusiasts and hikers alike. The park’s trail system winds through wooded areas and takes hikers to various caves, including Dancehall Cave and Twin Arch Cave. The 6-mile trail network offers a mix of geological wonders and picturesque landscapes.

  1. Yellow River State Forest – Paint Creek Unit Trails
    • Location: Harpers Ferry, Iowa

Yellow River State Forest - best hiking trails in Iowa

The Paint Creek Unit of Yellow River State Forest provides a network of trails that wind through diverse ecosystems. The 10-mile trail system offers options for hikers of all skill levels. From the wooded bluffs to the banks of Paint Creek, this area showcases Iowa’s natural beauty and provides opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife spotting.

  1. Ledges State Park – Canyon Road Trail
    • Location: Madrid, Iowa

Ledges State Park - best hiking trails in Iowa

Ledges State Park, known for its unique sandstone formations, offers the scenic Canyon Road Trail. This 4.4-mile loop takes hikers through woodlands, alongside the Des Moines River, and provides glimpses of the park’s iconic sandstone ledges. The trail is especially enchanting in the fall when the foliage adds vibrant colors to the landscape.

  1. Wabash Trace Nature Trail
    • Location: Council Bluffs, Iowa

Wabash Trace Nature Trail

For a leisurely hike or bike ride, the Wabash Trace Nature Trail offers a scenic journey through southwestern Iowa. Stretching for 63 miles, this converted rail-trail takes hikers through woodlands, prairies, and along the historic Wabash Trace. The trail is suitable for hikers of all ages and provides a unique perspective on Iowa’s rural landscapes.

  1. Backbone State Park – Backbone Trail
    • Location: Dundee, Iowa

backbone state park

As Iowa’s oldest state park, Backbone State Park boasts the rugged Backbone Trail. This 1.6-mile loop takes hikers to the park’s namesake, the Devil’s Backbone, a narrow ridge of bedrock. The trail offers breathtaking views of the Maquoketa River Valley and is a favorite for those seeking a short but scenic hike.

  1. Wildcat Den State Park – Steamboat Rock Trail
    • Location: Muscatine, Iowa

Wildcat Den State Park - best hiking trails in Iowa

Wildcat Den State Park, nestled along the bluffs of the Mississippi River, features the Steamboat Rock Trail. This 4.8-mile loop takes hikers through lush woodlands, past sandstone bluffs, and offers panoramic views of the river. The park’s unique geological features, including Wildcat Den and Devil’s Punch Bowl, add to the trail’s allure.

  1. Pikes Peak State Park – Bridal Veil Falls Trail
    • Location: McGregor, Iowa

pikes peak state park

Pikes Peak State Park, named after the same-named mountain in Colorado, provides stunning vistas of the Mississippi River. The Bridal Veil Falls Trail is a 0.8-mile loop that leads hikers to an overlook with views of the river and Bridal Veil Falls. It’s a short but rewarding hike in one of Iowa’s most scenic state parks.

  1. Yellow Banks Park – Eagle Ridge Trail
    • Location: Pleasant Hill, Iowa

yellow banks park

Yellow Banks Park, located near Des Moines, features the Eagle Ridge Trail, a 4.5-mile loop that takes hikers through woodlands and along the Des Moines River. The trail provides opportunities for birdwatching, and the elevated sections offer panoramic views of the river and surrounding landscapes.

  1. Stone State Park – Loess Ridge Trail
    • Location: Sioux City, Iowa

Stone State Park - best hiking trails in Iowa

Stone State Park, situated on the edge of the Loess Hills, features the Loess Ridge Trail. This 3.8-mile loop takes hikers through wooded areas and showcases the unique landscape formed by wind-deposited loess soil. The trail provides scenic views of the Missouri River Valley and is a hidden gem in western Iowa.

In conclusion, Iowa’s hiking trails may not boast towering peaks, but they reveal the state’s diverse beauty, from limestone bluffs to cave-riddled landscapes. Whether you’re exploring Effigy Mounds along the Mississippi River or hiking through the unique geology of Stone State Park, each trail offers a unique perspective on Iowa’s natural wonders. So, lace up your hiking boots, hit the trails, and discover the unexpected beauty that awaits in the Hawkeye State.

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